About us

We are Bill and Maura, a husband-and-wife team happily immersed in arts and crafts, surrounded by family in Eagan, Minnesota, and literally glowing with news about our unique business. 
During the depth of the pandemic, we had been spending much of our days and nights in our garage seeing what we could make using all sorts of materials, especially acrylic. In the spring of 2021 we went to a local garden center to purchase a fancy glazed pot with Bill’s first Social Security check, and among all the things for sale we saw a pile of different-size discs that emitted a beautiful sparkle. We were fascinated and quickly purchased a bunch of the items to place in our planters at home.
We had SO much fun with them but quickly realized we wanted more of these discs — lots more. Because we were artists at heart and had experience working with acrylic, we set out to make our own and developed a way to bend and shape the material to fashion anything we wanted. Then we went further and designed our pieces so they could be joined, re-joined, stacked and extended into any custom-layered 3-D design or display desired, all without the use of tools. 
We strongly felt our Sun-Glowz would appeal to people who loved to embellish their homes and gardens with fanciful touches, so we began testing the waters by offering them at art fairs and garden shows, and the response has been very exciting (we love to make people smile). Since then we have filed for our own patent and are eager to spread the word about these beautiful creations that truly glow!